This text is taken from Chicken Soup with Barley written by Arnold Wesker. This text shows the relationship in the family. Harry is worried because of his wife Shara and Sarah says that their daughter Ada thinks differently. Sarah brought up but Harry went to his mother or to cinema. Then he does not like to talk about his past. He wants to be alone when had to take all the troubles. Ada wants to go home and Sarah does not like this. She says that she will bring her clothes and wash them up. She says sympathetically that mother is there to help her.

Moreover, Sarah says that Ada will be alone in her room but her uncle and aunt are coming here. Ada goes promising to come for super the next evening she [Ada] does not like to discuss now as she did before but Ronnie likes discussion ad helps her mother to solve problems. Sarah blames that Harry being her father did not ask Ada to stay and was careless about family. However, Harry retorts that he is bad and negligent father. He does not take care of his health either. That is why he is smoking. She wants him to talk but he cannot. He cannot breathe easily and he’s having his first stroke.

  1. How old do you think Ada and Ronnie are?

Ada is more than 20 years old and Ronnie is less than 20 years old.

  1. Where do Ada and Ronnie live?

Ada lives in own house [in husband’s house] and Ronnie lives in her parents.

  1. Why does Ada leave?

Ada lives because she doesn’t like discussion.

  1. What do you think Dave might be?

Dave might to be work outside. That’s why she writes a letter for him.

  1. What difference in behavior do you notice between Ada and Ronnie? Why do they reacts differently?

Ronnie likes discussion but Ada doesn’t like discussion.

  1. Why does Sarah use the third person so much [‘Him’, ‘My fine man’ etc.]?

Sarah uses third just to satire Harry as he was not considerate father and did not take care for his family. She took all the responsibility of taking care of the children.

  1. How would you describe the relationship between Harry and Sarah? Who seems the stronger?

Relationship between Harry and Sarah is not good. Sarah is dominating and imposing. She accuses Harry or not being considerate to children and the family. In this matter, Sarah is stronger than Harry. Harry yields before Sarah and he says her not to disturb her.

  1. Do you think Harry was the ‘good considerate father’?

In my opinion, Harry is not good and considerate father and he didn’t care of the family and the children.