1. Why is father an outsider in his own home?

Mr. Morel would come home late in the evening drinking alcohol. He would eat and sleep on the table. He would be angry if anybody makes a noise. Everybody hated his bullying manner. Children would not talk to him although they would say everything to their mother when the father came home everyone would be silent. He knew well that he was an outsider in his own home because of his bullying nature.

He is outsider in his own home because of his own nature he presents himself violently. S he left alone. Nobody likes to have concern (rf;f]) with him. There are the reasons that makes him outsider in his own home.

  1. How old is Paul?

Paul is in his early teenager and dislikes his bulling manner must when Mrs. Morel is working at home. We see a positive side to his nature.

  1. What does Paul dislike most about his father?

His father drinks alcohol and he come late in at home.